R-Factor- A Roadmap to Build Sustainable Companies

A New Standard in ESG Investing


State Street Global Advisors’ R-FactorTM ESG score supports the development of more sustainable capital markets.

What is R-FactorTM

Responsible investing requires a tool to measure the performance of a company's business operations and governance as it relates to financially material ESG challenges facing the company's industry. We refer to this scoring mechanism as the Responsibility Factor, or R-FactorTM.

R-FactorTM scores draw on multiple data sources and leverage widely accepted, transparent materiality frameworks from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and corporate governance codes to generate a unique ESG score for listed companies.

How R-FactorTM Builds Sustainable Companies

R-FactorTM is the first ESG scoring system that offers companies a roadmap on how to manage and disclose their ESG practices, allowing them to take the action needed to enhance their scores. It is built to address the current challenges with ESG data by removing opaqueness around ESG materiality in the scoring process.

Put simply, it takes the guesswork out of ESG reporting, and focuses boards and management teams on the core ESG issues that matter for business and investors. Small, mid-cap, and emerging market companies stand to particularly benefit from R-FactorTM because of its focused approach.

The world of ESG disclosure may seem complex – but with R-FactorTM, companies and investors no longer have to go it alone. Together, we can forge a new standard in ESG investing.

How can you check your R-FactorTM Score?

Companies interested in receiving their R-FactorTM scores should submit an email request to myrfactorscore@ssga.com including the following information:

  • Company’s legal name
  • Ticker
  • ISIN
  • Company’s headquarter location
  • Contact name
  • Contact’s Title at Company
  • Contact email address (must be an official company email address)
  • Contact phone #
    (Please note that R-FactorTM scores will be provided only to employees affiliated with a company’s Investor Relations, Chief Financial Officer, or General Secretary’s organizations. Please include attestation in your email stating that you are affiliated with one of these functions.)

Request Your Score

Contact us for your R-FactorTM score.

Scores are provided within two weeks of submission and include disclosure about your company’s score relative to regional and global peers, as well as frequently asked questions.

Guidance on Next Steps After Receiving Your Score

We encourage you to explore the publicly available materiality frameworks of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and your region’s corporate governance code to understand investors’ expectations around the management of financially material ESG issues facing your industry and region.