Asset Stewardship

Built for impact: Proactively using our voice and our vote to make a measurable difference around the globe.

Our Core Beliefs

Our stewardship role in global capital markets extends beyond proxy voting and engagement with issuer companies

Our approach to stewardship is designed to have an impact through thought leadership, engagement, proxy voting and client disclosure

Companies embracing Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) best practice have strong, effective independent boards and incorporate sustainability into their long-term strategy across these two issues

Demonstrating Our Impact

Our stewardship program is designed to have an impact. Through strong engagement, voting and thought leadership, we have seen companies respond to our calls to action to enhance diversity at the board level and improve disclosure on their sustainability practices.

Sector Insights

Annually our team develops a series of strategic priorities that drive engagement based developing macroeconomic conditions, emerging ESG trends and client feedback.

Thematic Insights

Our stewardship program utilizes a risk-based approach to identify material ESG thematic topics deemed to have the most material impacts on the long-term value of our portfolio companies.

Voting Guidelines & Reports

As one of the worlds largest asset managers, we represent near-permanent capital and actively engage with our portfolio companies to promote long-term value of our clients' investments.

Media Highlights

Media Highlights

Index Funds Must Be Activists to Serve Investors

Cyrus Taraporevala pens op-ed in Financial Times reiterating our commitment to long-term value creation on behalf of clients.

Inside the Investor Stewardship Group

Matthew DiGuiseppe, Vice President and Head of State Street Global Advisors Americas Asset Stewardship team, recently discussed the Investor Stewardship Group’s goals and what they mean for corporate boards.

Engaging with Rakhi Kumar of State Street Global Advisors

Rakhi discusses State Street Global Advisors unique approach to asset stewardship, including how we prioritize and engage with companies on a number of Environmental, Social and Governance themes.

Do You Know Your ESG Score?

Rakhi Kumar highlights the importance of board members understanding how they are being evaluated on ESG dimensions.

Meet The Team

The core principle of our stewardship program is that companies with strong, effective independent boards are best situated to deliver long term sustainable value to shareholders and that those boards should incorporate sustainability into long-term strategy.

Rakhi Kumar

Head of ESG Investments and Asset Stewardship

State Street Global Advisors’ asset stewardship program is aimed at engaging with our portfolio companies on issues that impact long-term value creation across environmental, social and governance (ESG) consideration through our voice and vote.

Robert Walker

Head of EMEA Asset Stewardship

ESG and sustainability factors are as important in Asia-Pacific as they are in any other region. While we recognize market-specific nuances, as a global investor we strive to enhance practices across regions to promote long-term value creation. In Japan, companies are responding to our call to increase the level of gender diversity which demonstrates our impact.

Benjamin Colton

Head of Asia-Pacific Asset Stewardship

We seek to advance market dialogue through our thought leadership around critical environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues by giving structure to concepts such as gender diversity, board leadership and climate related reporting. It’s gratifying when directors thank us for providing them with a framework to discuss nebulous issues.

Matthew Diguiseppe

Head of Americas Asset Stewardship

For questions or any further information on our stewardship program please contact the Governance Team at State Street Global Advisors.