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Reinventing ESG Investing: Delivering long-term performance that aligns with your objectives.

A Committed Leader

Proud Signatories of the UNPRI, rated A+ for our firm-wide strategy and governance of ESG investments.

The State Street Global Advisors 2019 Transparency Report

Our Core Beliefs

State Street Global Advisors’ mission is to invest responsibly in order to enable prosperity and social progress. Our ESG beliefs are central to this mission and encompass the following  five tenets:

  • Long-Term Performance: Research shows that ESG factors can impact a company’s long-term performance.
  • Integration: We are committed to the full integration of material ESG factors into our investment processes.
  • Multiple Data Sources: Accurately measuring material ESG factors requires access to quality data from multiple sources.
  • Stewardship: We practice asset stewardship by actively using our voice and vote to engage with portfolio companies on material ESG factors.
  • Investment Choices: We provide investors choices to invest based on their own values and preferences.  

A Next Generation Offering

Our next generation offering evolved from our mission to invest responsibly along with research that demonstrates how ESG factors can impact a company’s performance.

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